Monday, April 7, 2014


The Rummikub is about bringing people together

                                   It is played with 2 or 4 players
                                                        At the Brown's Bay Community Centre
                                                             Glen Road on Wednesday Mornings                    
                                                                     Time 10am to 12pm
What a delight last Wednesday when I visited the Rummikub
 of the Older Women's Network.
After asking a few people where to go I took the lift to the top floor.
I very nervously ventured into the room to be met by some nervous people were wondering who this person was.
After introductions etc I wandered around the tables seeing how the game was played .
I was so impressed by the welcome of the members. Paddy Behr taking me by the hand explaining more about the game and how the Club was working.
I was welcomed to morning tea and met all the people there.

This group has been set up by Dawn Watson of the Older Women's Network what a wonderful group of people. Dawn it is a real credit to you for all your hard work . Thank you for the opportunity to call on  the group. The members are very keen for more members to come along and join them. They gathered together for a photo which I have put up on this Blog.

So come  along Members of Older Women's Network  and support Dawn Watson and Paddy Behr at the
Rummikub Club Meetings held each Wednesday morning.

Please ring Dawn 414-5351  or Paddy 478-9399  if you would like to come.

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