Monday, July 23, 2012

The following poem was written by one of the Writing For Our Grandchildren group, one of the many OWN groups that meet regularly.

New Style Bra
After years of discomfort trying to keep up with fashion, 
Making sure my boobs are perky, is no longer my main passion.
Underwire cups, and bras with firm pads, 
Are things of the past now, said the lady in the ads !!!.
She says hers are comfy while giving good support,
So I rushed to the nearest shop, new comfy bra I bought
I got home with my purchase and couldn’t wait to try it on,
But oh!  where are my boobies? they seem to have simply gone.
Awww there they are they’re hiding, in my arm pits, 
But that’s not good nor comfortable, and not where they normally sits.
No longer facing front, and standing to attention, 
They’re now as flat as pancakes, and hardly rate a mention.
I may have lost four inches and for that I’m truly glad, 
But looking at my silhouette is making me feel sad.
So I’m going back to underwire cups, they really are uplifting
My boobs stay where I put them, instead of sideways shifting.
I’ll be staying with my old style Bra, 
I feel nice and comfortable in it, 
And as for my new ‘comfy’ Bra 
Well..... I’m simply going to bin it.
Marie Hindmarsh 

An important part of any OWN event is the shared lunch, where friends are made and ideas swapped. This photo was taken at the Writing For Our Grandchildren Open Day.